If you would like more information, have questions about Meal Plans, or need help with anything involving on campus dining, please contact us. 


Steve Power
General Manager
Tel: 204-771-7530

Tyrell Case

Email: tyrell-case@aramark.ca

Shayla Therrien
Meal Plan Coordinator 

Tel: 204-474-7048
Email: therrien-shayla@aramark.ca

Gisele Fernando
Marketing Manager
Tel: 204-272-1507
Email: fernando-gisele@aramark.ca 

Grace Bordon-Buan
Tel: 204-779-1365
Email: grace_bordon-buan@aramark.ca
Brodie Tim Hortons
Brodie Starbucks
Grill @ Bannatyne

Shreyoshi Gomes
Tel: 204 474-7022
Email: gomes-shreyoshi@aramark.ca
Starbucks Elizabeth Dafoe
Starbucks Armes
Starbucks BookStore

Annette Clay
Tel: 204-474-9918
Email: annette.clay@umanitoba.ca
Campo - University Centre
Subway University Centre
Sports Food Services

Brian McKnight
Tel: 204 474-8351
Email: mcknight-brian@aramark.ca
Dayside Cafe - University College
The Young Associate's Cafe - Drake
Greenhouse Cafe
Hard Chalk - Education

Tim Hortons Express - Fletcher Argue
Tim Hortons on 2
Tim Hortons EITC