There are a number of items to be considered before we submit your restaurant name into the voting process for a FLEX Station term at the University of Manitoba. We have outlined the more relevant of these below, but you will be provided with a contract outlining the FLEX Station terms and conditions with your email inquiry:

• Must have a bricks and mortar store or food truck operating in the city of Winnipeg
• Must provide valid MB Food Handlers, City of Winnipeg License and be in good standing with MB Health. The University and Dining Services reserves the right to use its best judgment with respect to the latter.
• Must pay one unionized U of M employee to work the cash register for a minimum of 2 hours daily.
• May only have two of your own employees working in the space.
• Must provide and have a menu pre-approved by Dining Services.
• All meats must be federally inspected and suppliers approved by Dining Services.
• Must abide by all sanitation and health standards as requested by Dining Services.
• Must provide your Certificate of Insurance as per the generic contract before beginning operations.
• Must deliver all product to be utilized at site from your own store, use of any space outside of the FLEX station must be approved by Dining Services and the U of M.
• Terms of occupancy will be roughly beginning of September to beginning of December OR beginning of January to beginning of April.  
• Provide menu and artwork to be displayed on the two menu monitors provided.
• Can certainly market your off site restaurant while on site.

Flex Station Front View (click image to view larger)

Flex Front Thumb

Flex Station Inside View (click image to view larger)

Flex Inside Thumb

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Please contact Marketing Manager, Gisele Fernando at with any questions.